Why education with values is important

Why education with values is important?

Education with values is important because it nurtures a pluralistic society where people of all religions, class, creed & sects can live in harmony.

An education without values will lead to a corrupt society because every individual will nurture his personal gains, undermining national interest.

Countries like Japan are a perfect example of values education because they have the lowest crime rates in the world. Their commitment towards their work comes foremost & other things take backstage because they believe in work is worship.

We hear stories of crimes being perpetrated on fellow citizens, as onlookers have poor values where they don’t empathize with the victim. We see videos of people filming accident victims instead of ferrying them to the hospital.

All this is growing as people are becoming self-centred without paying heed to others’ feeling - a clear lack of empathy.

Education with values is crucial as humanity is making a revolutionary breakthrough in Science & technology, the latest being Artificial Intelligence. People will lack peace of mind despite luxuries.

Regular shooting incidents in the US highlight that tolerance, empathy, equality, justice & dignity are missing in their society. They have amassed wealth but cannot discard the colonial prejudice that instigates them for violence.

The feeling of racial superiority has turned them blind to the fact that all humans are equal, whether they are born black, brown, or white.

The constitution of India offers all citizens some basic freedoms. We guarantee these in the Constitution as the six broad categories of Fundamental Rights, which are justifiable. Article 12 to 35 contained in Part III of the Constitution deal with Fundamental Rights. These are:

Constitution promotes education with values

Right to equality, including equality before law, prohibition of discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth, and equality of opportunity in matters of employment.

The Right to freedom of speech and expression, assembly, association or union, movement, residence, and right to practice any profession or occupation (some of these rights are subject to security of the State, friendly relations with foreign countries, public order, decency or morality).

Right against exploitation, prohibiting all forms of forced labour, child labour and traffic in human beings.

The Right to freedom of conscience and free profession, practice, and propagation of religion.

The right of any section of citizens to conserve their culture, language or script, and the right of minorities to establish and administer educational institutions of their choice; and Right to constitutional remedies for protecting the Fundamental Rights.

10 values of education

Empathy – One should consider another person’s feeling called empathy. Accident victims writhing in pain & onlookers are busy making videos is a perfect example of a complete lack of empathy.

Equal Opportunities– The fundamental principle of Indian democracy is equal opportunities for all irrespective of religion, class or creed, which eliminates any kind of discrimination.

Respect for the Environment - We must educate people about the value of maintaining the environment because of global warming leading to floods and drought.

Care for Health - Value education pertains to teaching children the adverse effects of smoking, alcohol & drugs. If they abstain from these, they will lead a healthy & longer life.

Critical Thinking - Once children learn to analyse any situation, they will take informed decisions leading to better outcomes. This educational value, once developed in the early years, will nurture better professionals for the future.

Honesty- - We have learnt that honesty is the best policy, and it is indeed. A country with honest people will see faster growth than those with a dishonest lot.
Honesty is into everything from following traffic rules to paying taxes and to earning ethically. Corruption never breeds in an honest society because people will follow the rules & not do anything wrong.

Responsibility - We should take responsibility for our actions. Value education teaches us to be responsible towards our job, family, and nation. If every individual understands his responsibility, then the country progresses because its citizens will perform their duties with responsibility.

Tolerance - One should be tolerant towards others’ beliefs, religions and customs because that’s the foundation of a multicultural society. India is a perfect example where all religions, castes, creeds have thrived because our constitution provides freedom of religion.

Importance of Value Education

Respect - For the elders, ladies and the underprivileged nurtures a society where people can live in peace and harmony without social issues.

Perseverance - Success is the reward of consistent perseverance to achieve our goals.

Perseverance - Success is the reward of consistent perseverance to achieve our goals.

Without putting in hard work, one cannot achieve glory because it requires consistent efforts. Value education teaches us to persevere until we achieve our goal.

These values will nurture Olympic winners, innovators and entrepreneurs because they will keep trying until they gain success.

Education with values is important so that nations use their manpower for constructive research and not for fighting among themselves.

The world over there is internal strife because people are not tolerant of others’ beliefs and customs.

Counties like Syria, Afghanistan, & Yemen are experiencing human catastrophe because they have exhausted their resources by infighting. Had their leaders instilled values in education, their citizens would have lived a better life.

We cannot achieve technological milestones without collaboration, because teamwork is vital for fostering discovery. People enjoy living in a multicultural society because they meet people of all sects & communities. An observant man learns from others and imbibes the good things in life.

When the country has high standards, we can ward off corruption, nepotism, discrimination, and traffic woes. The regular incidents of senior officials being caught taking bribes are a sign of weakening education values.

Incidents of fraud, & cybercrimes involving women and children are a testimony that, despite being educated, people lack moral values.

Value Education in Schools

The earlier, the better because children are the future of the country. Moral education should start from schools itself because children learn faster and are more adaptable.

A nation where citizens follow rules, pay taxes, and contribute towards nation development excels because they use national resources for people’s good.

Shri Venkateshwara University (SVU) promotes value education because education facilitates employment, while value education leads to successful careers. We organise events round the year for the overall development of the students.

Recently SVU signed a MOU with Brahmakumaris University to promote value education throughout the world.

Brahmakumaris Divine University is the largest institution for meditation & value education in the world. Disciples from all over the world throng to their centres for distressing and improving their lifestyle.

SVU is at the forefront of promoting social causes because a progressive society is the backbone of development.

On the occasion of World Health day (April 7), the Shri Venkateshwara University organized a 5 day Health Awareness week which culminated on April 11th.

For spreading awareness about drugs & female foeticide, we conducted a health awareness rally, poster making, health seminar, street plays, quiz & over a dozen events where many students took part.

We organize these events to inform students about the adverse effects of drugs and female foeticide.

Further, the Venkateshwara Group is establishing health centers in rural areas so that villagers have access to quality healthcare.

On the occasion of Ambedkar Jayanti, we felicitated the cleaners with the Cleanliness Motivation award as they are the backbone of our cleanliness campaign.

Women empowerment through value education

We also organized a seminar on the topic through truth & equality India reaching the pinnacle of Glory because equality is crucial for the nation’s development.

Shri Venkateshwara University fosters women's empowerment because they foster nation development and are the other half of the country.

On completion of 1 year of the 2nd term of the Yogi Government, the UP Government along with Shri Venkateshwara University & the UP Police organized the Women Excellence Award function 2023.

We presented 155 Women Excellence Awards to participants from the Police, education, Arts, literature, sports and social service who did exemplary work in their domain.

Famous dignitaries felicitated included the DSP Ms. Anjali Kataria, VP of Gargi College Dr Vagmita Tyagi, Dr Poonam Khatana of DU, Historian Dr Manisha Tyagi, & the Social Activist Ms. Anubhuti Chauhan.

Also honoured were the founder of Master classes Dr Shweta Rastogi, International Player Anu Tomar, Azha Khan & many others who did exemplary work in their field.

why education with values is important

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